Caring Center Orphanage

In April, 2010, Silver Lining Foundation set up the very first orphanage in Da Hua, Guang Xi, with the name “Silver Lining Orphanage”, providing a family-based home for the local orphans.

Many children in the mountainous areas have lost their parents or have been abandoned by their widowed mothers. Silver Lining Foundation began working with the local government to establish a caring center for these orphans. The facilities in this center includes: dining rooms, bedrooms, a computer center, activity rooms and a small library. At the center, the children are put into a “family”. Each “family” takes care of six children with foster parents helping them grow and learn. The foster parents are responsible to take the children to the local primary school. This will give these children a “home”, allowing them to go to school normally, as well as growing up in a healthy environment.

Please support Little Angel Sponsorship, monthly HK$300 to provide a home for a child.