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Donation Second Truck in Myanmar Family Village


Thank you for your continuous support to Silver Lining's work!


After 2 years of operation in Myanmar's Silver Lining Family Village, we now inhabit over 100 children. Every week, our children attend Sunday school at the church near the Family Village; however, going to church is always a huge task since there are only 2 small cars, which do not have enough seats for all the kids. We need to make several bumpy trips to take all the children to church, making it a weekly challenge to attend church.

因此,我们希望添置一台二手大货车,节省接载孩子往返家园与教会的时间,同时为孩子提供更舒适的环境。但缅甸一台二手大货车的价值约为HKD$200,000 (约SGD $35,000 ),对我们来说是一笔相当庞大的费用,所以我们需要您的帮助。您的捐款可以协助我们把恩典「载」到缅甸,令孩子们与神更亲近,感受祂的爱!

For this reason, we hope to purchase a second large truck. With it, we would save much commuting time to church and make the children's lives more comfortable. However, a second truck in Myanmar costs about HKD 200,000 (about SGD 35,000), which is a hefty amount for us. We need your help. Your donation will help us“deliver”grace to Myanmar. Assist us on this journey to move these love-starved children closer to our loving Father. Let them feel His love!

总筹款额为HKD$200,000(约SGD $35,000)

The total fundraising amount is HKD$200,000 ( about SGD 35,000 )




更新日期 UPDATED :  2022-12-29

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